I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Malaysia Wants To Go On A Date With Doug Christie

"A night on the town with Mr. Doug Christie!" - Malaysia

On Sunday night’s Season 4 premiere episode of Basketball Wives LA, Jackie Christie was once again on the outs among the group of women. In an attempt to make amends and find her way back into the circle, Jackie first apologized to Draya for how she handled the Orlando situation last year. When Draya talks to Brandi and Malaysia about what Jackie needs to do in order for their friendships to be repaired, Malaysia makes a bold request: “I’ll accept her [Jackie’s] apology if she lets me take Doug on a date.”

Um, what?! Malaysia is asking for a part of what Jackie holds most sacred to her – her husband and her marriage. In the words of Draya, “Malaysia, do you have a death wish?!”.

Malaysia then goes on to explain that she does not want to rebuild her friendship with Jackie so she chose something that Jackie would never do. If for some reason Jackie is willing to allow Malaysia to take Doug on a date, perhaps Jackie is actually sorry and wants to take her friendships seriously. Nevertheless, the first step is getting Jackie to set Doug free. It’s game on.

What are Malaysia’s true intentions? Will Jackie let Doug go out with Malaysia? Watch the scene above and share your thoughts/comments below!