Hair And Farewell: Twisted Sister’s Top 10 Hard-And-Heavy Pop Culture Moments

As We Say Goodbye, We Look Back

Alas, it seems that Dee Snider and his merry band of louder-than-life hair-metal marauders Twisted Sister are finally destined, for real, to not take it anymore. On the heels of the tragic heart attack death of drummer A.J. Pero, the Long Island legends have announced that they’ll soon part ways. Naturally, Twisted Sister will not go quietly, so the band will be honoring A.J. with a couple of tribute gigs and then saying farewell to fans throughout 2016 on their amazingly named “Forty and F—k It” Tour. If this is truly where Twisted Sister history ends, so be it. The group is monumental in the annals of hard rock, heavy metal, glam, and pop culture. So instead of mourning TS’s imminent demise, let’s celebrate the band’s most luminous high-profile moments, when, in all manner of ways, Dee Snider and the boys imbued all of humanity to stand up, pump a fist, and let it be known: “I wanna ROCK!

A Twisted Christmas (2006)

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