“thank u,” Ariana Grande, for Inspiring the Internet’s NEXT Hilarious Meme Sensation

I'm so f---ing grateful for you, Ari.

Ariana Grande recently blessed us with an anthem of self-love that can apply to damn near everyone. While the celebration of the relationship with herself is beautiful, the memes that came from the lyrics are hilarious.

“thank u, next” name-dropped four of Ariana’s ex-boyfriends including her ex-fianc√© Pete Davidson and the late Mac Miller. Three lines in particular stood out, sparking the Internet’s very clever re-imagining of “One taught me love. One taught me patience. One taught me pain.” Case in point:

Take Love & Hip Hop for example.

Papoose and Remy taught us love, Scrapp De Leon needed a little more than a lot of patience dealing with Tommie, and Yung Joc found pleasure in pain. Talk about ouch.

Sesame street was also inspired. Come on, Snuffleupagus is all love.

Some people got political with it.

And it’s pretty apparent the old Kanye is greatly missed.

How could you not include Jonah Hill in this?

Poor Ben.

Jan caused Michael so much hurt.

This particular tweet is triggering for those who grew up using that hot comb.

Everyone has their fave Spiderman, but clearly this user loved Toby the best.

Man, some of these really sunk in. Haven’t heard the song or want to listen to it again for the 362,732,993,290 time like me? Welp, here you go!

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