Y’all Can Stop Clownin’ Juelz Santana, His Teeth Are Straight….Literally

Meanwhile, he's still laughing to the bank.

Juelz Santana has fallen victim to the Internet’s latest drag session but thankfully, he has a sense of humor.

Over the weekend, a picture surfaced of the Dipset emcee wearing a black hoodie with his mouth caught open mid-rap…with no front teeth. The image came from the Diplomats latest video, Sauce Boyz. Of course, 50 Cent had to troll his way in, re-posting the image with a caption that read, “Damn it Mmaaannn just say no to drugs. This is going to far now, no teeth Jesus Christ Positive vibes.”
And Twitter also had to let those jokes fly:

Well, you know who had the last laugh? Juelz, with his full set of pearly whites.

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Next.. ✔️

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The original caption according to the Shade Room read, “Good Photoshop But, Next…💯✔️

Should’ve listened to Juelz in “Mic Check” when he said, “Don’t watch me, watch TV.” But you all can watch the full Sauce Boyz video instead.

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