Surprise Divorces, Surprise Girlfriends, & Surprise Pop-ups: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap, Episode 412

An old friend came to check Kalenna right quick.

All the secrets are coming out on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta with Rasheeda busting in on Ashley Nicole, Scrappy and Bambi making adult decisions together, and Kalenna being visited by an old friend. It was all kinds of crazy but thankfully we were here for it so you didn’t need to be.

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    Rasheeda busts the door down to realize that Ashley Nicole is, like, gay. Oop.

  • Enter: Jamie

    Jamie is Ashley’s girlfriend of two years.

  • Scrappy gives Da Bam dem keyz

    Scrappy gives Bambi a key to his house (and heart), she encourages him to meet Erica to sort their stuff out for the sake of Emani.

  • Rasheeda feels some kind of way…

    About busting the door down on Ashley on national TV and looking cray. She asks Kirk why he didn’t tell her. Well?

  • Kirk’s all, “You love me, you want to kiss me.”

    Kirk says he just found out Ashley was gay but he’s tickled that his woman went so hard for him. It’s [kinda] cute.

  • Dimepiece is so “disrespectful”

    Jazze Pha has no interest in working with Dime but he is interested in Mimi setting something up with Tiffany Foxx.

  • When you’re mad excited your man chose you but you playing it off

    Joc shows KD his divorce papers and says he wants to be with her and only her.

  • Deb Antey ain’t here for it

    Deb thinks Kalenna’s way too cocky.

  • Kalenna ain’t here for it

    Kalenna’s confused why Deb is going so hard at her, she meant no disrespect, just wanted to ask questions about her management company.

  • Erica’s like, damn you, Scrappy, you’re messing up my “storyline”

    Scrappy says he and Erica need to work stuff out for the sake of their daughter. Major props to Scrap (and Bambi)!

  • I’ll take the track but chill with the MF Management, k?

    Tiffany and Mimi mend things and Tiffany is excited to work with Jazze and still wants to work with Stevie. Foxx still won’t sign on to Mimi’s management company.

  • Is it weird if I kinda like Rasheeda now?

    Rasheeda offers to help Ashley at a photo shoot. Ashley says she looks up to Rasheeda and likes her now. Rasheeda’s like, eh.

  • Sina goes…what’s the word…AWF

    Joc tells Sina he’s getting back together (and getting serious) with Khadiyah. Sina goes in.

  • Jermaine Dupri discovers “Stripper Fight Music”

    Mimi introduces Jermaine to Jessica. He doesn’t have a track for Dimepiece but tells her to brand her genre of music and come back to him.

  • You know it’s a surprise entrance when they’re just legs

    Tammy pulls up on Kalenna to defend Deb’s honor.

  • Kalenna’s not the one

    Kalenna’s not sure why it’s Tammy’s business and says she just asked Deb questions she would ask any manager. Also who is Deb managing right now?

  • Tammy’s all, “U BROKE!”

    Tammy pops off and things get hot. Oof.

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