“Mother” Where?!: These Photos Would Make You Think That Shun Love was Actually Amber Diamond’s Sister

“Obviously black don’t crack."

“Old bitches winning,” is her motto and after all this time in the game, she hasn’t taken an L yet.

Throughout this season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, we got to know Shun Love — the hustle-hungry, not with the bulls–t, keeps stacks in her purse, momma with one focus in mind: Getting to that paper. She’s willing to do whatever to make sure she gets the respect she’s owed, even if it means taking off her own daughter’s wig. In catching up with this spicy mom following the reunion, Shun told VH1 the secret to maintaining her amazing physique, beautiful clear skin, and a youthfulness that could make her pass for Amber Diamond’s sister, instead. She shared,

Obviously black don’t crack. That’s #1. I do take very good care of myself. When I was younger, I wasn’t able to take very good care of myself. I have oily skin, so that helps me from getting crows feet and stuff like that. I have some elasticity in my skin, so it doesn’t look all crazy. But I do go get me some Botox from time to time. And I definitely swear by it because by the time I get it, it gives me a little face lift. My eyebrows be all on fleek. I be like, “YAAAAAS, B—H. YAAAAS”

And we be like, “Yaaaas, B—h, Yaaaaas,” too while looking through her photos. Don’t believe me? Peep for yourself and see how Shun Love is really winning.

Learn more about this 40-somethin’-year-old in this exclusive interview below.

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