“If I Saw Her Now, I Would End Up In Jail:” Lyrica G. is Disappointed In Pam’s Behavior at the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion

"I get what the reunion is about and I know she's good TV because she doesn't care about how she looks. I care."

There are just some transgressions that can never be undone and that is Lyrica G’s exact sentiment following this season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

As an acclaimed songstress, Lyrica G’s brand image means everything to her and she refuses to tarnish it by having a tête-a-tête with her son-in-law’s mother. We caught up with Lyrica G following the reunion and aside from being caught off-guard by Pam’s behavior, she’s fine and ready to be a grandmother to Lyrica Anderson and A1 Bentley’s first child together. Following an extremely stressful season, Lyrica G’s main hope is that her grandchild is healthy. “Dealing with the stress that my daughter was under this entire year” was a lot, Lyrica G. shared, quoting Ray J who apparently equated the drama to “pregnancy abuse.” Thankfully with the help of momma, Lyrica Anderson was able to get through it but aside from that, Lyrica G. just prays that her grandchild is “raised in a much better environment than he experienced in the womb.”

As joyous as this blessing is, it’s a shame that both grandmothers aren’t on good terms. In case you missed contentious happenings, here’s a quick reminder:

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