Moniece Slaughter Comes Alive on Her New Album The Naked Truth

She told you those vocals were no joke.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Moniece Slaughter just dropped an album which also serves as a dose of get back for those who questioned her vocal abilities.

Moniece’s new album, The Naked Truth, was released independently and already broke the Billboard 200 charts. With the success of the album, Moniece is super grateful to her supporters for making her wildest dreams come true. “Thank you for helping me make a grand entrance into the music world,” she writes via Instagram. “Every stream. Every purchase. Every post. I’m so grateful. I love you guys. Every tear. Every sweat bead. Every dollar. They counted me out. They said I couldn’t do it. They said I wouldn’t. And because of you guys. I did. You’re the best!!!!!”

In an interview with Hip Hop Weekly, Moniece explains that music isn’t a new venture for her (despite what it might look like on the show.) prior to coming on the show, she had a record deal and knew most of the season one cast members through the music industry. Thanks to her father who is a music industry veteran, she also sang the theme song for America’s Next Top Model. After taking a hiatus, Moniece finally got back into her groove and has hit her stride as an artist. “I haven’t been in the studio this consistently in years…This album is more of a vibe. I actually did work with my dad [on the song ’6th Sense’] and it is the most vulnerable record.”

Listen to Moniece’s album The Naked Truth below:

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