These Two Former Mob Wives Stars Are Opening Up a Pizza Shop Together!

They're gonna make you a pizza you can't refuse.

I guess the pizza business made Karen Gravano and RaMona Rizzo an offer that they couldn’t refuse.

The former Mob Wives stars are opening a restaurant in New Jersey and it’s–you guessed it–mob themed!

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According to, the ladies decorated their pizza shop, which they named Pizza Nostra, “with family photos and newspaper clippings about their families’ criminal doings and mafia connections.”

The head chef Ryan Vargo calls the restaurant “a family place” where they’ll serve “old-school Italian dishes with new-school touches.” We just want to know if Pizza Nostra is going to be anything like the Drunken Monkey. Or if any of the other Mob Wives will be coming through for Sunday dinner.

I’ll take one of everything on the menu.

No, really, send me some pizza.

And some pasta, while you’re at it.
BRB, applying to go work there so that I can throw dough in the air like this:

Ramona and Karen go shopping for ’80s outfits and talk about what to expect at Drita’s upcoming birthday party.

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