Be Your Friend’s Peace: Cyn Stays Out Of The Drama At Jonathan’s Birthday Party Like The Good Sis That She Is

Someone has finally realized that parties are the worst time to try to solve problems.

Your birthday only comes around once a year and is the best opportunity for your friends to plan something special just for you. Unless you’re Jonathan. The only thing his friends brought to his party was drama. Well, except for Cyn. Instead of getting in the mix of all of the tomfoolery, she just observed it all like a spectator as if, she knows that trying to stop drama usually only creates more drama.

The first half of the worst birthday of Jonathan’s life happened because Kimbella brought Juju, knowing good and well that she wasn’t invited because Jonathan was not vibing with her at that moment. In an attempt to be there for her friend’s birthday, Juju somehow ended up getting into with Anais.

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