This Is Why These Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Stars Spent Their Weekend Feuding on the Gram

It goes down in the DMs, but it pops off in the comments, IG live and stories.

It’s no secret that the cast of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood stays spicy and ready to fight, even when they’re no longer on the show. Over the weekend, Miss Nikki Baby, Masika and Hazel E were busy dragging each other across all the corners of the Internet.

While it was hard to follow in real time, it seems to have all started when Masika answered some questions on her IG story about her friendship with Nikki by letting everyone know that “@NickiMinaj is the only Nicki I acknowledge”. When people started to ask what was the issue, all Masika had to say was that Nikki was a fraud.

If you remember, the two of them had beef in season one back when Masika did some modeling for Nikki’s family business and they both appeared to have a relationship with Mally Mall. Things seemed to chill out for a while until last year when Masika called Nikki a “giant condom”.

Then Nikki took to her own IG Live to tell Masika to keep her name out of her mouth in as many ways as she possibly could—going as far as dragging Fetty Wap’s name into the mix.

Did you peep Jason Lee in the comments of Nikki’s live trying to figure out all of the tea?

When The Shade Room picked up the story about Nikki’s IG Live, Masika made her way over to the comments to let everyone know how she felt:

“face don’t move, ass don’t move, thighs look like popsicle sticks, lips don’t move, nose can’t breath, cheeks on stiff, ass on stuff, ribs removed self esteem depleted. Coke dripping down her nose. Whew child the ugly. I shoulda never agreed to putting this whore on TV ungrateful sluts”

Just to prove that she was always ready for a read, Masika fired back at Nikki again.

When we thought the drama was over, it turns out that Masika had one more clapback up her sleeve. It wasn’t for Nikki, but it was for a former co-star that had an issue with Masika’s IG Live Q&A.

Enter Hazel E. Somewhere in the world, aboard a plane, Hazel found a way to connect to that in-flight wi-fi to let Masika know that she needed to get her passport stamps up instead of worrying about where in the world Hazel E is and what she’s doing. Her video was cut short due to an announcement from a flight attendant, but Hazel seems to have gotten her message across.

Wanting to set the record straight, Masika not only clapped back at Hazel, but also hit publish on some receipts of Hazel trying to be friendly with her in her DMs.

This was a lot. Hopefully everyone has had some time to drink some water, woo-sa and turn their phones off for the next few days.

Masika and Hazel seemed to have an on-sight kind of agreement back when they were both on the show. Take a look at what happened when the friends-turned-enemies went Mortal Kombat on each other at a club in season 3.

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