Twitter Wants To Have A Few Words With The Cast Of Love & Hip Hop About $2 Bills, Breakfast In Bed and Singing Happy Birthday

A few points on Love & Hip Hop: a thread.

A lot of drama happened this week on Love & Hip Hop but Twitter was harping on a few things. Here’s are some of the things that fans felt needed to e said while watching the newest episode.

First and foremost, the Santana-Budden definition of breakfast in bed, had a few people cracking up.
Joe is great at a lot of things, but chef may not be one of them:

Cyn keeps it real about her wig game, and Twitter lowkey loved it:

There were quite a few thoughts on the mess that was Jonathan’s 34th birthday party. We know Anais can sing, she has a Latin Grammy after all, but quite a few folks thought she should stay away from seductive renditions of Happy Birthday:

While people didn’t like her serenade, Anais is the queen of one liners:

When you get caught up in the moment, sometimes you get your sayings mixed up, like when Jonathan said that Juju was as fake as $2 bill. Unfortunately for Jonathan, Twitter was swift and ready to let him know that $2 bills are very real.

Kim and Juelz have some major problems to face and fans are ready to see them let go of the past and move on. There were some opinions of Juelz and his current legal situation that fans wanted to get off their chests:

Finally, it seems like people want Kim and Yandy to let bygones be bygones:

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