Ciara’s Shady Subtweets For Future Will Leave You Shaking

All. The. Life.

What do you do when an ex-fiancé won’t stop running his mouth? Clap back on Twitter, of course! And that’s exactly what Ciara did when her old flame Future decided to run his mouth on HuffPost Live. It’s got just as much drama as her favorite ep of Love & Hip Hop, y’all.

During the interview, the DS2 rapper asserted that, while Ciara may be celibate with her new beau, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, he didn’t have to wait at all to sleep with her. Attacking a woman’s sexuality in 2015? Really, Future? (He also says cheating wasn’t the cause of their break-up, which conflicts with Ciara’s claims.)

Also, in the first part of his documentary Like I Never Left, Future claims their relationship started to dwindle as Ciara’s pop-inspired ambitions increased. Soooo…why does a woman’s career goals have to come at the expense of a relationship? Waiting for an explanation, Future.

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