Find Out What the Cast of Love & Hip Hop Miami Is Ready to Let Go Down in Flames in 2019

Alexa, play "Let It Burn."

We made it through 2018, y’all, but at what cost? 2019 is just around the corner and the cast of Love & Hip Hop Miami is here to tell you what trends they’re ready to throw into the dumpster fire of 2018 and what they’re trying to keep around in 2019.

For example, Amara La Negra has strong feelings about fanny packs.

While Gunplay is strongly advocating for women to wear lingerie as clothes until the end of time.

Dad shoes, Instagram dance challenges and tiny sunglasses all thrived in 2018, but does that mean that we should keep them alive in 2019? Watch the video below to find out what your fave cast members think!

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