The Love & Hip Hop New York Cast Reacts to Safaree’s Million Dollar Meat Slingin’ Deal In This Week’s Check Yourself

If you thought we were done talking about Safaree's peen, you were so very wrong.

In case you were wondering what the ladies of Love & Hip Hop New York think about Safaree’s big package (get your mind out of the gutter, we’re talking about his compensation package for his sex toy deal!) then wonder no more. This week’s Love & Hip Hop New YorkCheck Yourself contains plenty of peen talk.

After roasting Safaree and Rich Dollaz for wearing shirts that are just a little too tight, the ladies start going in the coconut oil connoisseur’s sex toy deal. It’s fair game since Safaree decided to take Taco Tuesday and make it Tacobout Your Dildo Tuesday.

Mariahlynn is saying what we’re all thinking…

While Yandy is wondering what the f-ck is going on. I mean, this is not typical taco truck talk!

And Cyn Santana is wondering how Safaree is only collecting $1 million for this deal. She would never!

But Nya Lee isn’t mad at it:

Maybe it’s time we stopped talking about what Safaree is packing and start talking about…Oh, who am I kidding? Let’s keep talking about Safaree’s street meat.

Watch this week’s Check Yourself below:

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