It’s Roasting Time and Prince Is On the Menu During This Love & Hip Hop Miami Check Yourself

The Miami cast takes no prisoners.

It’s always hot in Miami, but this week’s Love & Hip Hop Miami Check Yourself was so hot, it was ready to roast anyone in its pathway. Unfortunately for Prince, that person was him (and his “bullet proof vest”).

The cast watches Prince watch Khaotic get a tattoo on his face and they’re all pretty shook.

But that’s when they find out that he’s getting the tattoo because he was shot 17 times (including in the head) and is getting a tattoo where the gunshot scar is on his face. The story is insane, but everyone’s more concerned with Prince’s outfit and the fact that he is trying to impress Khaotic with his “difficult” past.

This was everyone as soon as Prince started talking:

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