The Love & Hip Hop New York Cast Is Team Joe After Cyn Left Her Man Waiting In Bed For Her

When Rich Dollaz said "We got bedtimes" I almost lost it.

After complaining about his “senior citizen d-ck,” you’d think Cyn would be like this when Joe calls and says he’s ready to do the deed:

But she wants ~*romance*~.

If it’s any consolation for Mr. Budden, the rest of the Love & Hip Hop New York cast is firmly #TeamJoe. In this week’s Check Yourself they all watch as Cyn explains that she missed sexy time with her man because she was feeling herself and wanted to go out. Their reactions are priceless.

Yandy is like, “You can get dinner after sex, Cyn!”

And Jacquae is like:

Meanwhile, Rich Dollaz can relate.

And has some very simple rules for those of you who want to get it on with an older dude.

After hearing both sides of the story, the always fair Remy Ma says that their *ahem* missed connection was both of their faults and Papoose has some advice for the two that makes Jacquae go:

Watch the whole Check Yourself here for the rest of the cast’s reactions:

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