Everyone Has Thoughts About Pleasure P and His Pretty Boy Ways (And the Empanada Incident) In This Week’s LHHMIA Check Yourself

Somebody sign Jojo up for the major league because she has a fantastic arm.

The Love & Hip Hop Miami cast can see that Pleasure P is on his pretty boy bullsh-t, but Jojo is still willing to thrown down…some empanadas, that is.

When Amara La Negra tries to clear the air between Jojo and Shay over some homemade empanadas, things go real south, real fast. Shay is pissed that Pleasure is seeing Jojo and straight up asks her if they’re sleeping together. As insults go flying, so do Amara’s mom’s empanadas.

Amara’s like, “That little girl always has to be throwing something!”

When you bring homemade treats for your friends and they end up throwing them at each other:

At least someone got to enjoy an empanada…

Watch the cast react to this moment and more in this week’s Check Yourself:

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