Alexis Skyy and Fetty Wap’s Daughter Alaiya Had to Undergo Emergency Brain Surgery

Thankfully, Lay Lay is doing just fine!

UPDATE 1/30/19:

Fetty Wap took to Instagram stories to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers and well wishes for Baby Alaiya.

This is the first time Fetty has mentioned Alaiya on any social media, and we’re sure Alexis Skyy is happy to see him stepping up. Read the story below for the details about Alaiya’s scary surgery.

Alexis Skyy took to Instagram last night to ask her followers to pray for her daughter Alaiya, who just turned a year old in January and who was born three months premature.

Alaiya suffers from hydrocephalus, which causes bleeding and fluid in the brain. According to TMZ, she had to have surgery to repair a malfunctioning implant in her brain that helps drain blood and fluids.

Alexis Skyy posted a series of Instagram stories about the situation on Sunday evening (1/27) asking for prayers for her one-year-old daughter.

And then assured her fans that Alaiya pulled through and was doing fine.

Early Monday morning she wrote, “Lay Lay is good” and thanked her fans for their prayers and well wishes.

According to TMZ, both Alexis and Fetty Wap are by Alaiya’s side. We are glad that she is in recovery and hope that she gets well soon!

Alexis looks back at Alaiya’s health problems and talks about her continuing struggle to get Fetty Wap to be a co-parent.

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