Joe Budden Tells The Game to “Watch His F-cking Mouth” After Naming Cyn Santana on a Track

Looks like these two are reigniting some old beef.

The Game is gearing up to release some new tracks that include a list of his celebrity flings (again). Allegedly Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Cyn Santana are all name-dropped by the rapper. Joe Budden, naturally, isn’t too happy about it.

The two rappers had some minor beef way back when they were both still in the rap game, but since then, things have been quiet. When Joe first heard the track, he wasn’t happy, but then he admits “The more I sat and thought about this, the more I said to myself, ’N—a, so what?’ What type of loser, face-ass n—a is you, n—a?” He lets everyone know, “I don’t give two fucks about what anyone did before I was involved with them.” Though he does say that it’s weird he’s just hearing about this sexscapade now.

“If this were true, why am I hearing about it now? From you?” He insists Game’s only talking about it because he knows he can get traction from talking about Joe and Cyn. “If you believe it to be a stat now, I’m assuming it to be because she is with me, which makes you one of the weird n—as who gets f-king praise from f-cking behind guys.”

The only reason this is happening, Budden explains, is because Game can’t get people to listen to his music on his own, so he has to name drop to generate buzz. “Game don’t have a single. You have to do this salacious sensationalized bullshit…You calling out women that ain’t said a word about you. They not proud of you, n—a.”

Budden also has a problem with the way The Game went about things. “You didn’t say it to me. You said it in a song,” he says. Then, he issues a warning: “You talking about my girl with a girl name. Watch your f-cking mouth, man.” The Game’s real name is Jayceon, FYI.

The Game also reportedly said that if anyone denies the allegations, his team will leak the tapes which…is gross and illegal. To that, Joe says, “Fam, I dare you.”

Budden addressed the whole thing on the ’Joe Budden Podcast.’

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