Alexis Admits She Wouldn’t Have Invited Maggie to the Studio If She Knew How It Would Go Down in This Love & Hip Hop New York Check Yourself

We could've told Maino giving away a song was gonna end badly for him...

Didn’t Maino learn from the infamous Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena situation? Mixing business with pleasure? A huge no-no. Giving away song? An even bigger no-no!

In this week’s Check Yourself, the cast got a chance to watch Maggie pop up on Alexis Skyy and Maino’s studio session. Alexis is the one who invited her, though she wasn’t quite expecting what went down…

And as soon as it starts to go down, she dips real quick.

Maggie confronts Maino about giving away a song she wanted to work on and not taking her seriously in her pursuit of a music career. Yandy knows it’s serious because Maggie starts to refer to Maino by his government name. Take notes, boys:

You can watch the cast react to the scene below:

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