“Be Careful With Miss Amara La Hater:” Bobby Lytes Has Advice for Jojo In This Love & Hip Hop Miami Check Yourself

"We all motherf-cking messy, aight?"

Drama, drama, drama! If it isn’t about Jojo ruining Bobby’s rehearsal (and costing him valuable coins in the process), it’s about whether or not Amara La Negra can be trusted. On this week’s Love & Hip Hop Miami Check Yourself, Bobby Lytes breaks down his conversation with Jojo and manages to do it without any words at all.

Jojo meets up with Bobby to apologize for putting her hands on Prince, but what Bobby really wants her to understand is that there wouldn’t have been a problem with Prince if she had just kept her mouth shut from the beginning.

Jojo decides that, from this moment forward, she probably shouldn’t get involved in any of Bobby’s drama, including his issues with Amara. Bobby doesn’t love this new development, and decides to tell Jojo:

He goes in so hard that even he has to look back at it and wonder if it was ~*too much*~.

But in the end…

Watch Bobby react to his conversation with Jojo here:

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