Amara La Negra is Frazzled When She Finds Out That Trick Daddy is Trying to Shoot His Shot in This Love & Hip Hop Miami Sneak Peek

Amara's face says it all.

Michelle Pooch is trying to set up Amara La Negra with someone special. With all the drama going on in her life, Michelle figures Amara needs a man to hold her down. In this Love & Hip Hop Miami sneak peek, Michelle tells Amara she has someone very special for her and Amara’s asking all the right questions.


Amara is literally every girl whose friend has tried to set them up on some blind date. It’s like when your friend says some stupid crap like “he’s kind of tall but not really tall but taller than you…I think?” while trying to sell you on her boyfriend’s best friend.

And then Michelle lets it slip that it’s none other than Trick Daddy and Amara is like…

For her, he has already landed firmly in the friendzone, but Michelle is convinced that it could work. Check out the clip below to watch her try to convince Amara that Trick Daddy could be ~*the one*~!

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