Maino Spills the Tea That Safaree Wants to Have a Baby With Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz is Salty AF in This Love & Hip Hop New York Check Yourself

Looks like this news has Rich Dollaz in his feelings.

This week on Love & Hip Hop New York, we learned a whole lot about the crew, but one of the more surprising revelations was that Safaree told Maino that he’s trying to have a baby with Miss Erica Mena.

Clearly Cyn’s not too overjoyed by the news, but you know who else is saltier than a pretzel? Rich Dollaz.
During this week’s Check Yourself, Rich hears that Safaree is getting serious with his old flame, Erica, and from that moment on…well, let’s just say he doesn’t hold back in criticizing Safaree.

He doesn’t appreciate Safaree bold-face lying to everyone about his new boo thang coming on vacation. He even calls the rapper a used car salesman.

Rich, he doesn’t sell cars! He sells coconut oil!

But it doesn’t stop there. Even though everyone else is talking about Maino’s growth and Joe and Cyn’s relationship, Rich is still caught up on Safaree. When Safaree pulls Juju aside to have a conversation, Rich is like:

He thinks it’s high time that Safaree spoke on the things that were bothering him in the moment rather than waiting to pull someone aside to complain. In other words…

Yikes. We can’t tell if Rich is just jealous because everyone’s in Costa Rica without him or if he’s in his feelings about Mena moving on. Tune in next week on Monday at 8/7c for more Love & Hip Hop New York drama!