We Finally Got Our First Glimpse at Remy and Papoose’s Golden Child and OMG She Is So Cute

WARNING: Baby fever ahead!

We have been patiently waiting for Remy Ma and Papoose to show us their baby girl and oh my gosh, it was worth the two month wait. Remy and Pap brought The Golden Child (whose nickname is better than any name they could reveal anyway) onto The Real for her first ever appearance.

It’s baby’s first talk show and she showed out matching her mama.

And she came prepared with accessories! The head band! The golden shoes! Her little purse is everything. Do you think that’s where she keeps her pacifier?!

We don’t know her name yet, but The Golden Child sure knows how to win over a crowd. Look at her little smile!

She also did the cutest little yawn. It’s hard work being that cute!

The way that Papoose looks at his daughter makes me want to melt into a puddle of hearts and sunshine. We knew he was obsessed with her before she was born, but now the obsession is real.

While everyone is focused on the precious Baby Mackie, Remy Ma talks about how she has changed their life and her difficult labor. Watch the whole video here for Remy’s story (and more absolutely adorable Golden Child faces):

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