Teyana Taylor Channels Spike Lee Directing Her Latest Racy Music Video Featuring A$AP Rocky

We wish she could win an Oscar for this video!

Teyana Taylor dropped a new video and this time she is getting behind the camera and directing as well as starring in it.

The singer’s video for “Issues/Hold On” is a ’70s inspired love story about a couple with–you guessed it–issues! Playing the other half of Teyana’s power couple? The ever-so-handsome A$AP Rocky!

The pair, for all of their faults, are actually really cute together.

In the video, Teyana and A$AP Rocky’s characters are madly in love, but things get messy when it looks like Teyana’s hubby has a wandering eye. Don’t worry too much, though. The pair decide to put their issues aside and “hold on,” AKA get down and dirty. It’s, like, sort of NSFW, but you could probably get away with it on your lunch break since it’s only ~*racy*~ for a few seconds.

The ’70s vibes are strong and Teyana looks so gorgeous.

No wonder she decided to used the moniker “Teyana ’Spike Lee’ Taylor!”

You can watch the whole video here:

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