Rich Dollaz Literally Runs Up On Safaree at the Love & Hip Hop New York Reunion

You don't need an instant replay to watch Rich run in slo-mo.

There’s always a chance that things will get a little heated at the Love & Hip Hop New York reunion, but the second Safaree showed up, it was a sure thing. While talking about his fiancé Erica Mena, whose presence in Costa Rica caused quite the drama, Safaree starts making fun of Rich Dollaz. It seems harmless enough, a joke about Rich’s pants being too tight, but it really wound Rich right up.

Suddenly, Rich was hopping over tables to get to Safaree.

Nina Parker was like:

But Safaree was unimpressed with Rich’s speed and technique.

Meanwhile, Erica Mena was having a good laugh about it all while watching the reunion at home wiht Safaree’s sister.

Watch the whole thing go down here:

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