The Most Insane Things That Have Ever Gone Down At Music Festivals

Drugs, PDA, and nipples aside, let's talk about the time a tampon was thrown.

Bizarre stuff happens at music festivals, and I mean some weird, f’d up nonsense.

At Governors Ball this year, someone actually laid down in the mud pit that essentially made up the festival and stayed there for five minutes straight. Like, voluntarily. Everyone thought he was unconscious, but he was just tired or high or whatever.

That said, worse things have happened, i.e. people have actually died at music festivals. That’s the craziest of all. But in between that and people having bad trips, the following stories are examples of the most ridiculous, nonsensical things that have happened at music festivals past.

What happens at the festival, doesn’t always stay at the festival. Remember that, kids.

  • An indignant band member ripped out her tampon and threw it at the crowd.

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    Donita Sparks of L7 was pissed at the 1992 England Reading Festival when an antsy crowd started throwing mud at her band while they were dealing with technical difficulties. In what later went down as the “most celebrated moment in tampon throwing history,” Donita took out her tampon and threw it at the crowd, yelling, “Eat my used tampon, fuckers!”

  • A truck drove through the audience and people set vendor booths on fire.

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    It was Woodstock ’99 and people were delirious from the heat. Someone had tried to drive a truck through the audience during Fatboy Slim’s performance, but was eventually stopped. Morale had reached an all time low towards the end of the festivities and the Red Hot Chili Peppers tried to make up for it by performing a cover of “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix, according to Rolling Stone. The crowd was apparently downright pissed about this song choice, and people began flipping cars and setting them on fire, using merch tents and vendor booths that had charged them too much as fuel.

  • A girl tried to have sex with a tree.

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    This one’s pretty self-explanatory. A girl mistook a tree for a human at 2013’s Ultra Music Festival. Or did she?

  • A caveman was found and arrested.

    Baldwin County Corrections Center

    A 29-year-old man was arrested at Hangout Music Festival 2014 while inexplicably dressed as a caveman. Garbed in a faux-fur vest, the man was taken under arrest for “possession of marijuana and a controlled substance,” according to a

  • A girl jumped off a railing and is somehow OK.

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    A random girl could not, would not be stopped at Mysteryland 2015 when she decided to jump off of a railing and fall 30 feet below. No one really knows why she did this, but it is known that she “suffered minor injuries.” She is OK now.

  • A couple got engaged.

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    Tears of joy were shed at Bonnaroo 2014 when a man named John Ferreira proposed to his girlfriend after six moths of planning, according to Daily Mail. He handed out fliers to get people in on his plan, and had them help in his proposal by handing flowers to his girlfriend before getting on one knee. Spoiler alert: She said yes.

  • A man drew attention to himself by doing a strange thing on the ground.

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    All eyes were on this man at Pitchfork Festival 2014 when he laid on the ground and apparently gave up, or did his own unique brand of dancing. He was thought to be on drugs (’cause music festival), and whatever it was in reality that made him do the things he was doing in this video, he seemingly had a great time.

  • A stage collapsed.

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    Three people were killed and 71 were injured when a stage at the 2011 Pukkelpop Music Festival in Belgium collapsed, according to NY Daily News. The Smith Westerners, the band playing at the time, left the scene unscathed, though the same can’t be said for their equipment. Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars were on deck to perform on the same stage as well, before it collapsed.

  • A man left his dog in the car while he went to the festival.

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    A man brought his dog to the 2014 Vans Warped Tour in Massachusetts, but left the poor Boston terrier-bulldog in the car, according to the Portland Press Herald. It was thought to have reached about 130 degrees inside the car. The dog suffered a heat stroke and shock, and wasn’t able to walk, and the man later faced animal cruelty charges.

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