The Cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Are Confused AF By “White Spice” In This Week’s Check Yourself

"It's supposed to be Spice, but it's Ice."

Spice is trying to make an important point about colorism, but she is going about it in a way that totally confuses the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

In this week’s Check Yourself, the cast watches as Spice debuts her new look to Karlie Redd, Mimi, and Rasheeda and their reactions say it all. Joc and Scrappy are lost for words (except to ask who the heck it is they’re looking at):

And to make this pun about her new look:

While Tokyo Vanity is getting a kick out of it.

Everyone is trying to get to the bottom of Spice’s decision. Not gonna lie, Joc actually turns out to be the philosopher of the bunch. We stan a man who understands societal pressures on women!

Watch the whole clip below to see all of the cast’s reactions:

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