This Love & Hip Hop Star Got Confused for Gabrielle Union and TBH, We Can See It

I mean, have you ever seen Juju and Gabrielle Union in the same room before?

This is Gabrielle Union.

You may know her from cult classics like Bring It On and 10 Things I Hate About You, or from being an amazing mom, or from her hit TV show Being Mary Jane.

And this is Juju.

You know her from Love & Hip Hop New York.

It turns out that some people can’t keep these two beautiful, talented women straight! In fact, Juju was approached by a fan who really thought that she was Union.

She looked at her, eyes wide and said, “Gabrielle Union?”

Juju tells her that she is not, in fact, Gabrielle Union, and the woman quickly realizes her mistake. She explains, “I know it! Wait! Because I always say, ’That’s her sister!'” It isn’t long before the woman realizes that it’s Juju and is just as excited to pose for a photo.

Juju posted a video of what could’ve been an awkward encounter on her Instagram.

She captioned the video, “When they thought you was the Beautiful @gabunion but wasn’t disappointed when they realize its ME Lol 🤪😂😊🤗 ( This Lady was so sweet). Im “ The Sister” I ❤️ @gabunion can’t wait to meet her & take a selfie.”

Although she still doesn’t look convinced that it’s not Gabrielle Union…

I mean, I can see it!

…Kind of?

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Chocolate. Sauce.

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I’ve never seen Juju and Gabrielle Union in the same room before so…I’m just saying! They secretly could be the same person.

Remember when Gabrielle Union celebrated her mother Theresa Union and how her upbringing has shaped the woman she is today at last year’s Dear Mama?

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