Pooh Is Trying to Get Back Into Karlie’s Good Graces With Mimi’s Help In This Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Sneak Peek

Even after Pooh tells Mimi that she could use some fillers, Mimi decides to help her.

The drama between Karlie Redd and Pooh is getting to be too much for Mimi. With a circle of friends that goes back almost a decade, she isn’t ready to see it all thrown away because Karlie and Pooh can’t figure out who did what to whomst.

That’s why she agrees to meet Pooh to discuss the situation. Pooh chooses a Botox clinic…

And after insinuating that Mimi needed some filler…

The pair get down to business and discuss the matter at hand. Mimi tries to explain to Pooh that this could not be a worse time to go around antagonizing Karlie Redd. Pooh, of course, cannot really understand, but Mimi knows that Karlie is struggling to have a child and is already in a vulnerable place. Even though it seems like Pooh isn’t quite ready to apologize for her behavior, she agrees that a little sit down could be the answer to her problems. Watch the scene below:

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