The Cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Thinks There’s Trouble in Paradise (Again) With Rasheeda and Kirk

"Rasheeda's ready to throw Kirk's ass overboard like a stow away."

Aside from the occasional bits of drama, it seems like the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is having an amazing time in Trinidad. They’re even out and about on a boat trip, living their best lives surrounded by nature.

That is, until Rasheeda sees a text message on Kirk’s phone.

Then it’s game over.

What better place to find out that your husband may be stepping out on your marriage (again) than on the middle of a boat tour in Trinidad? Now that I think about it…There are alligators in the water and boa constrictors in the trees. And since “Rasheeda’s ready to throw Kirk’s ass overboard like a stow away,” maybe the gators will sort it our for her?

By the looks of it, Kirk is definitely worried that he could become gator bait by the end of the trip.

Leave it to Shekinah to ask the question on all of our minds: “I’m wondering what kind of message Rasheeda just received because baby…it went from happiness to hell in two seconds.” Guess we’ll have to tune in next Monday at 8/7c to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta to find out.

You can watch the rest of the cast’s reactions to this week’s episode in the clip below:

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