If You Were Loving The Hairstyles Of The LHHATL Reunion, You Can Thank Bambi

"You can lead a woman to the shimmer, but you can't make her glisten" -The Bam 💋

Everyone on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has some kind of hustle, but we don’t always get a close look at what they’re working on during the show. You may not have realized it, but Bambi’s hair line, Shimmer Elite Extensions, was one of the biggest stars of the LHHATL Reunion this week. Many of the women, Bam included, were rocking looks from her line, just take a look! We knew Bambi was on her grind, but we had no idea just how many of her co-stars were her customers! What do you think?


Che Mack


Karlie Redd

The Bam