Justin Bieber Is Pretty Much Just Running Around With All Of His Ex’s At This Point

Oh Biebs, stay golden.

The internet freaked the eff out over the weekend after seeing photos of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber hanging out at a Beverly Hills hotel pool. However, SelGo is not the only ex-girlfriend Justin has been in touch with. According to The Gossip Table, Biebs is in contact with Chantel Jeffries, his 21-year-old model/actress boo from last year. Does this mean he’s dating multiple ex-flames? C’mon, J!

Not so fast, y’all. TGT insists there is no talk of a reconciliation between Justin and Chantel, but they are “cordial” in private. We’ll keep you posted on this one. Until then, though, catch yourself up on how gorgeous Chantel is. It’s not fair!