Miguel Throws Billy Corgan Some Songwriting Credit, Deads Potential Legal Troubles

Just takin' some preemptive measures.

Miguel, who is being sued two years after his Billboard Music Awards leg-drop debacle, can’t afford to get hit with another lawsuit. So, he gave some credit to Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins where credit was due.

Miguel gave songwriting credit to Billy on “Leaves” from his latest LP, Wildheart, because of the song’s similarity to “1979.” Miguel spoke to News.com.au, saying that he was so inspired by the Smashing Pumpkins song, “Leaves” pretty much wrote itself:

“The guitar riff just came to me in such a subconscious way, the song literally wrote itself in minutes. … It was kind of reminiscent of ’1979.’ I was a fan of them growing up, but I never bought their albums or saw them live. It’s weird how some things just sink in. Towards the end of the song when the drum programming kicks in it’s even more reminiscent (of 1979), you realize it in a more straight-on way.”

Miguel’s story is reminiscent of Pharrell and Robin Thicke’s curious (and questionable) tale of the making of “Blurred Lines,” and he’s no doubt taking a cue from Pharrell and Robin’s Marvin Gaye lawsuit so as to avoid any potential legal troubles. All good for Miguel, though, as Billy Corgan is apparently “cool” with it all. Phew.

Hear Miguel talk about his musical process in the Playback clip above, and listen to Billy Corgan share his in the video below.

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