All The Times Boobs Saved The Day In Music Videos

These bras are lethal.

Let’s be real— ever since Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery introduced the world to the fem-bots, the female robots who had guns packed in their lingerie, all ladies have wondered what it would be like to have that much power packed into their bra. Since women clearly can’t go around assaulting people with their undergarments, musicians have thought of an easier fix: incorporating blazing boobs into their music videos. Here are some of our favorite musicians who have allowed their boobs to be the heroes in their videos.

  1. “Bad Romance” – Lady Gaga

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    Gaga used a special set of guns to attack her tainted love in this music video. The singer used her fired-up bra to save herself from a “Bad Romance.”

  2. “California Gurls” – Katy Perry

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    Katy’s boobs save the day in this sweet video by knocking out Snoop Dogg’s gang of sour patch kids. The “California Gurl” attached two cans of whip cream to her bra and let loose on the evil little candies.

  3. “Break Free” – Ariana Grande

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    Ariana definitely broke free of something in this video, and we’re not just speaking metaphorically. Halfway through the futuristic music video, the young singer defeats a space monster with cannons that blast through the top of her leotard.

  4. “Aura” – Lady Gaga

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    Lady Gaga wasn’t the one doing the booby-blasting in this video, but Sofia Vergara’s natural born weapons definitely count. The song was originally for the soundtrack of “Machete,” so it was only right that the pop singer featured Sofia’s epic fight scene.

  5. “Boys” — Britney Spears

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    This music video comes straight from the movie series that made machine-gun bras popular in the first place. Britney made this “Boys” video as part of a cameo in Austin Powers: Goldmember. The pop star didn’t exactly save the day (Austin wasn’t phased by her secret guns), but she gets an honorable mention for the heavy artillery she was sporting in her black studded bra.

  6. “Alejandro” – Lady Gaga

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    Mother monster strikes again, with her boobs of course. The Cheek to Cheek artist danced with huge guns sprouting out of her bra as she warded off Alejandro.

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