Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Sneak Peek: Stevie Sets Margeaux Up To Get Revenge On Nikko

"Today, I got Nikko's wifey just where I want her."

Well this seems a little messed up. Stevie and Nikko don’t like each other and Stevie thinks that Nikko’s been riding Mimi’s coattails, so when he devises a plan to get back at Nikko, he drags an unsuspecting Margeaux into it, and she has NO idea she’s being played. It all goes down in this week’s sneak peek, as Margeaux excitedly shoots her first ever magazine spread. What she doesn’t know is that the entire thing is a set up and Stevie is just doing it to get his revenge and he’s the one behind the photo shoot. “She’s just a pawn in my war against Freako,” Stevie admits. Margeaux and Nikko see right through it — but who will win this war? Find out on Monday night at 8PM ET/PT.