Watch NYLON Employees Get Secretly Pissed at Their New, Awful Receptionist Daniel Radcliffe

And then laugh for a long time.

After watching this amazing video of Daniel Radcliffe filling in for a NYLON receptionist, I aggressively laughed alone at my desk (I lead a very exciting life), and immediately thought two things. One: the former always-stern Hogwarts student is actually hilarious and gives no fucks IRL. Two: people in the workforce are serious about getting their shit done.

At first, the employees, who are said to have had no idea about their celeb receptionist, were pumped. There were awkward handshakes, attempts at keeping calm, and those who just breezed right by, avoiding the risk of their psycho Harry Potter obsession coming out and terrifying him.

But soon after, people were over it. They anxiously asked questions, looked for stamps and packages, and requested fellow employees, in which he had no idea who they were. Meanwhile, a wide-eyed Daniel Radcliffe sat there, drawing blanks. You can see that eventually, they remained polite on the outside, but grew to become like: “LOL, but seriously where TF is my stuff?” in their minds, and it’s incredible. Even Joe Jonas thinks he’s the worst.

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