What the Hell Are Those Weird Marks On Justin Bieber’s Back?

You'd probably never guess this.

We’ve already confirmed Justin Bieber is not shacking back up with Selena Gomez; however, the Biebs mysteries are far from over. Specifically, we need to know what the eff are those bizarre marks on his back?

Justin appears on the cover of the latest Interview magazine and, in a very provocative photo-shoot by Steven Klein, reveals some strange skin shenanigans on his backside.

Interview Magazine

The Gossip Table learned that the marks are actually the result of cupping, a new celebrity craze that involves putting suction cups on your body to help circulation and blood flow. Because, ya know, that makes sense.

At least Justin is in great A-list company when it comes to this new health (?!) obsession. Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow are said to be avid cuppers. We wonder if the three of them have gotten together for a circulation-starting bOnAnZa. All the cool kids are doing it.