Papoose Pranked A Few Amateur Rappers In The Studio And Things Almost Went Left

Remy Ma's husband brutally dissed these young up-and-comers, and it was pure comedy.

Papoose got jokes.

The Brooklyn lyricist appeared on Complex’s prank show, Troll’d, where he tricked a few aspiring rappers in the studio by throwing high levels of shade at them via diss tracks.

The amateur rappers were also big fans of the MC, so when Pap started dissing their rap skills, they were all taken aback.

“Doc Nice, you ain’t nice and you damn sure ain’t a doctor. Sweet, you should change your name to Betty Crocker,” Pap spitted at one of the upcoming rappers.

He didn’t stop there though. Nah, that wouldn’t be fun. Pap continued dissing another upcoming MC. “Jerry curl juice, you got hair like a girl. He so skinny, he could do pushups under the door. You rap about money, but how that sound? Ronald McDonald got money, he still a clown.”

After Remy Ma’s hubby got bored of throwing insult after insult to the rappers, he said he had to head out and booked. That was when the young rappers decided to try to ether him right back.

However, Pap walked back into the studio at these times and confronted each upcoming artists about their disses.

And just when tensions began to grow and the young talents began reach their tipping points by getting angry (or scared), Papoose admitted that they were all being pranked.

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