14 Times Rihanna’s Eyes Spoke Your Truth

You know how Shakira's hips don't lie? Neither do RiRi's eyes.

Have you ever noticed how beautiful Rihanna’s eyes are? Let’s take a mere moment to admire them.

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Our bae-noculars are showing that Rihanna has probably the most stunning pair of peepers on the planet, and what’s more is that they speak. They say so much, Rihanna could go mute forever and just have her oculars do the talking for her. Except we don’t want that to happen because music. And R8. BTW, which bitch has R8?

That’s for another time. For now, here are all of the times Rihanna’s soul beams spoke your truth, a.k.a. beamed into your soul.

  1. When they were all “IDGAF✌️.”

    “Might get a little drunk. IDC.”

  2. When someone made her smile too much and she wanted them to stop.


  3. When her eyes rolled and so did the car window.

    True coordination.

  4. When she saw Nicki Minaj’s boobs at the Tidal conference and was like 👀.


  5. When someone called her out on her B.S. and her eyes did this.



  6. When she gave someone winky eyes like this.


  7. That time her eyes caught themselves in the mirror.

    And were all, “Damn, bae.”

  8. When someone made a dumb AF joke and her eyes did this.

    But she laughed anyway.

  9. When she undressed you with her stare.

    And you were here for it.

  10. When she gave these puppy dog eyes and got whatever the f she wanted.

    Because no one wants sad RiRi.

  11. When she was pissed during “FourFiveSeconds.”

    And prepared to cut someone.

  12. Like seriously, pissed.

    Give her her money, okay?

  13. When she did this with her eyes.


  14. When she saw the drunkest girl at the party and did this epic BBHMM eye roll.

    Because her eyes say it all.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.