Torrei & Kevin Hart Can Teach Us All A Lesson About Getting On Our Grown Up Ish

"I want to take the time to personally stand up and applaud Eniko and Torrei!"
Bow down because Torrei Hart and her ex-husband Kevin Hart just did the most impressive thing.

After their divorce and residual drama (including Kevin announcing his engagement to Eniko Parrish the same day Torrei’s show Atlanta Exes premiered) the two are putting the drama to rest.

Kevin posted a picture over the weekend of he, his ex-wife, their two children, and his new fiancée all together with a pretty incredible caption. Hart wrote,

This is one of the best pictures that I have ever posted….No matter what I am a MAN & as a MAN I have responsibilities….My #1 responsibility is 2 raise 2 beautiful kids….As a MAN its my job to make sure that the two most important women in my life have a relationship….Its important that my kids see their mother & father HAPPY because we both deserve to be. As a MAN its my job to provide security for my FAMILY….the moral of the story is that your past should never affect your present. I love my present and I will always love my family….I want to take the time to personally stand up & applaud @enikobaby @TorreiHart ….For simply being amazing. #DopePic #Harts #FamilyForLife

We can learn a lot from the Harts and praise them for doing what’s right for the kids!