Suge Knight’s Jail Toilet Won’t Stop Flushing + It’s Keeping Him Up All Night

It ain't nothing but a pee thang.

A different kind of wet dreams are happening in Suge Knight’s jail cell right now. His attorney is complaining that Suge can’t get a good night’s rest because the prison toilet continuously flushes every 20 minutes. Can we get a frowny face? Oh, you’re too busy laughing? That’s cool, too.

The reasons behinds these flushes are a major mystery. Maybe Knight’s desire to move to another cell that’s closer to the prison medical center could have something to do with it?

Currently held on $10 million bail for a deadly hit-and-run he committed in January, it’s been rumored that the former CEO of Death Row Records has a brain tumor. This possibly accounts for why he suffers from numbness on one side of his body. And now he’s got these toilet problems? Damn, just when you thought being Suge couldn’t get any worse…

It ain’t nothing but a pee thang, baabbbyyy.

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