When Doug Met Malaysia: Basketball Wives LA Recap, Episode 402

"It's NOT a date!"

Jackie Christie didn’t end last season on good terms with Brandi and Malaysia and she’s willing to do most anything to get back in good with them, including allowing her husband to go on a date with Malaysia to bury the hatchet.

Did you miss tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives LA where Patrice was called “evil” and Draya ended up in everybody’s business? Have no fear, take a look at our handy recap for all the most ridiculous, hilarious, and memorable moments from episode 402!

  • Jackie’s kewl with Malaysia meeting Doug for a minute.

    But that’s before she realizes it’s a date, and she’s not invited.

  • Patrice is basically giving us #FACTS

    We meet Patrice and her husband Eddie Curry.

  • Jackie’s a slave for u, hunny

    Jackie’s commercial makes no sense but she ends up casting Mehgan in it last minute.

  • You evil, girl

    Patrice shows up to Jackie’s shoot but Mehgan thinks she’s evil.


    Malaysia offers to help Patrice throw Eddie a turnt up birthday partyy

  • “Well, she thought we were gonna be there.”

    Mehgan says Patrice is jealous. Draya tells Mehgan that Patrice only went to Jackie’s commercial shoot because she thought the other girls were going to be there.

  • Malaysia has had it.

    Draya tells Brandi and Malaysia that Jackie agreed to the cancer benefit and the “Doug date.” Malaysia is pissed.

  • Draya in da middle

    Malaysia is legit mad at Draya but eventually agrees to go on the date with Doug and give JC one more chance.

  • Patrice knows how throw a party for her man, or nah?

  • Brandi gets emotional remembering SUNDY

    Brandi and Jackie have a heart-to-heart about the way last season ended with Jackie and Sundy laughing about Brandi’s health. Jackie apologizes.

  • Latoya Jackson finna give Jackie advice

    Mehgan advises Jackie to let Malaysia go out with Doug because it’ll surprise the ladies (and to be confident because she’s got Doug’s last name and a ring!) Good advice, Mehgan.

  • Mistress of disguise

    Malaysia’s in costume for her date with Doug.

  • Doug’s face when Malaysia says Jackie said they fantasized a threesome with her

    Malaysia tells Doug, Jackie’s wacky. Doug says Jackie’s intentions are good.

  • Jackie’s cool as a cucumber in the car

    JK, Jackie’s sweating bullets and calls Doug mad times to be like, “It’s a pretty day iddinit?”


    Doug says Jackie’s means well even when she acts a fool and tries to give Malaysia a hug but she gives him that swerve.

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