Now That Scrappy and Stevie Are Finally Cool, Let’s Relive Their Epic Season One Fight

Never forget where the bad blood came from in the first place.

Sure, Stevie J. and Scrappy may have mended things on this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta but that doesn’t mean we can’t go back and see what made them beef in the first place, and what a beef it was.

All the way back in season one, the two hitmakers got into it when Scrappy didn’t like the way Stevie was talking about his baby mama, Erica Dixon and Joseline jumped right in the action too, suggesting that Erica and Stevie had a past. Can we also pause, and acknowledge how much Joseline’s style has evolved into true boss-ass-boosh territory since season one?

Things got real heated and before they knew it, the four ended up in an all-out-brawl.

This week, Scrappy showed up while Stevie was inking a deal as a partner of Scrilla Guerillaz magazine and the two hashed out their bad blood over a few cigars, like real men. They also realized they had the same rehab counselor, so it’s a small ATL after all.

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