A U.S. Soldier Stands Up For Caitlyn Jenner Against ESPYs Recognition Backlash

He's a hero.

A courageous U.S. Soldier is tired of all the hatred Caitlyn Jenner is receiving after accepting the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the 2015 ESPYS. After a meme surfaced of the runner up for the award, people shared and criticized Jenner for not being deserving of the award.

The meme features Noah Galloway, a double-amputee army veteran, and claims that he was second in the running for the award.

Joey Vicente, a U.S. Army soldier, had enough of the criticism and took it upon himself to speak out for Jenner and shutting down anyone who doesn’t believe she is heroic. He posted his response on his Facebook page.

This response is perfect, and the next time you going judging and making nasty comments about others keep them to yourself please.