The 10 Best Things About Tut

Of course Avan Jogia and Kylie Bunbury top the list.

Last night the first episode of Spike TV’s original mini-series Tut premiered. We were blown away by everything, from the immaculate costumes to the dramatic plot. Spike’s taking us on quite a ride for the next two nights. After you read about the 10 best things about Tut, you’ll want to join too.

  1. Avan Jogia Proves He’s No Longer a Child Star

    Spike TV

    The Boy King is no longer that cute kid from Nickelodeon’s Victorious. He’s a strong and powerful Pharaoh unafraid to hold his own.

  2. Kylie Bunbury Still Slays Even as a Commoner Kylie, best known for playing Lacey Porter on Twisted, plays Suhad, a commoner from the village of Amuro, but she looks more like a goddess. Can anybody else wear peasant apparel as beautifully as she can?

  3. #TUHAD (Yes, we’re shipping already.)

    Spike TV

    Need we say more?

  4. The Love Triangles

    Spike TV

    Tut and Ankhe: Even though incest isn’t usually the most romantic thing, Tut and Ankhe have been pulling at our heart-strings. Tut and Suhad: Their mysterious love-connection is almost too much to handle. Ka and Ankhe: There’s something exciting about the best friend and sister-wife of Tut sneaking around behind his back.

  5. The Back-Stabbing Never Ends

    Spike TV

    The drama, mystery, and betrayal is abundant. Tut doesn’t know who he can trust and we don’t either.

  6. It Answers ALL of Our Questions About the Ancient Egyptians

    Spike TV

    How did they party? What did they do in their free time? Mysteries solved. And now we’re incredibly jelly of Tut’s #massagelife.

  7. The Struggle Is Real

    Spike TV/Twitter

    We’ve all been in the position of the Boy King, just trying to hold our own, and we’ve all been the General being held back by someone less wise than us. OK, maybe we haven’t been royalty or a military leader, but still, we relate and it has us all the way invested.

  8. The Set Sweeps You 3,337 Years Into the Past

    Spike TV

    The production value of Tut is on the level of Game of Thrones. From the palaces to the costumes, Tut takes us from 2015 to 1323 B.C. Then again, what else should we expect? You really can’t do Ancient Egypt right unless you do it BIG.

  9. The Epic Battle Scenes

    Spike TV

    The blood, the gore, the clashing swords—scenes like these are why TV is killing movies nowadays.

Catch the next two nights of Tut at 9/8c on Spike TV.

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