10 Slay-Worthy Facts That Will Make Cara Delevingne Your New Queen

Just breathe on me, Your Highness.

Paper Towns rolls into theaters this weekend, and it stars the most perfect entity on Earth: Miss Cara Delevingne. If you don’t know who the British supermodel/annihilator of faves is, then I’m virtually smacking your hand right now. (JK, JK. But, seriously, shame on you.) Cara emerged in 2014 as a fashion powerhouse, walking in shows for Chanel and starring in, like, a gazillion ad campaigns. (DKNY! YSL! Mulberry!) Oh, and she’s only 22 f—king years old. My GD age. Here I am like:

While she’s on the VICTORIA’S SECRET RUNWAY like:

If she wasn’t so darn likable, I’d be seething with jealousy over her perfection. But Lady Delevingne is, hands down, one of the coolest celebs in Hollywood and we’re all blessed to witness her insane acting #skillz on the big screen. (Have you seen the teaser for 2016’s Suicide Squad? Yeah, she’s also in that.)

I’m already on a mission to make Cara my best friend and, after reading these 10 factoids, you’ll understand my obsession. She’s 167 percent everything.

  1. She adored being naked as a tyke.

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    She’s a free spirit, y’all. And free spirits don’t wear pants. “It took me a long time to start wearing clothes,” she told W magazine in September 2014. “I used to just love being naked. My parents would have to dress me because I’d run around the supermarket and just take off my clothes.”

  2. Acting was always her end goal. (And she might be over the entire fashion thing.)

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    Cara revealed to WSJ Magazine in May that she put her big-screen dreams on hold to take over the fashion world. “I basically gave up on acting, because trying to get an agent was impossible,” she dished. “Everyone said, ‘You’re just a model.’” But that’s not enough for Cara. In fact, she also told WSJ that the shallowness of fashion started to wear her down. “I ended up feeling a bit empty,” she said. “Fashion is about what’s on the outside, and that’s it. There’s no searching, it’s just creating pretty things.”

  3. She has a Ph.D in photo-bombing.

    Getty Images

    Jennifer Lawrence, who? Cara is the true queen of crashing photos. Just look at this warm—even, dare I say, tender—moment between Sienna Miller and her at the 2013 Met Gala. Graham Norton gloriously pointed out Cara’s other photo-bombs when she dropped by his show in June, which included one alongside anti-cell phone activist Naomi Campbell.

  4. Her co-stars demanded to see her audition tapes before agreeing to work with her.

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    How rude is this?! During that same interview with Mr. Norton, Cara spilled that some of her fellow actors—she didn’t name names—asked to watch her screen tests so they could size up her talent. “Actors have requested my audition tapes because they said they don’t want to work with me until they see them,” she said. “But nice people who I then got on with and who were like, ’By the way, I demanded to see your tapes because I didn’t think you could act. Haha, love you!'” Looks like she’s the one who has the last laugh.

  5. It took her forever to learn how to walk in high heels.

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    This is like Bill Gates saying he struggled with typing. “When you first start walking, you walk like you’ve never had sex,” she said. “And then I remember someone told me…’Walk like you’re having sex!'” That did the trick, but Cara also confessed she’s still afraid a toss on the runway is imminent. “I always fall in rehearsals to make sure I don’t fall in the real thing,” she told W. “It works.”

  6. She’s only 5’7″.

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    But her agency lists her as 5’9″. Those sneaky SOBs!

  7. Her family pet-name is “Monster.”

    So does she roar or nah?

  8. She is an avid gamer.

    Every nerd in America just got a little aroused. Yes, this hot SUPERMODEL knows her way around a remote control—and hopefully cheese-puffs/Mountain Dew, the only acceptable gaming snack combo. “I play Call of Duty, and I do have a headpiece,” she said. “People find me and they’re like, ’Are you a girl?'” Look her up, if you don’t believe me. Her username is Caradele.

  9. Her lucky number is 12.

    W magazine

    And she even has it tattooed under her armpit—an armpit sprinkled with glitter periodically by tiny fairies. She also has a s—t ton of other tats, including a lion on her finger.

  10. She’s becoming a face for the bisexual community.


    After Vogue writer Rob Haskell speculated in his profile on Cara that her sexual interest in women might be a passing fad, she clapped back. “My sexuality is not a phase. I am who I am,” Cara told the New York Times. (She’s currently dating musician Annie Clark, A.K.A. St. Vincent, and previously courted Michelle Rodriguez.) Cara’s definitive statement is a brave, awesome move and negates the incorrect stereotype that bisexual people are just “confused.” The Internet is on her side, too: More than 20,000 people signed a petition asking Vogue HBIC Anna Wintour to apologize. The power of Cara, ladies and gents.