Georgia Prunes, Bum Bishes, & Karlie Redd’s Record Label: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap, Episode 413

"What this country a--ho do now?"

The turn up is real, y’all. On tonight’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Kalenna and Tammy came to blows which brought up ish between Kalenna and Rasheeda. Meanwhile, Karlie Redd and Sina joined forces to get even with Khadiyah and Stevie and Mimi plotted against Nikko and Margeaux.

It was a lot. Need a refresher? Check out our handy recap for the most ridiculous, hilarious, and memorable moments from episode 413 now!

  • Bawk! U BROKE! Bawk! U BROKE!

    Tammy shows up at Kalenna’s club to defend her mother-in-law and squawks, over and over, that Kalenna and Tony are broke.


    Kalenna tells Tammy that Waka basically fronts her life.

  • Bum Bishes

    Tammy tells Rasheeda that Kalenna called her a “bum b—h” and said she was handing out her album on her tour bus. Oop.

  • Princess Diaries

    Scrappy and Erica throw Emani a big tenth birthday party!

  • And the cheese stands alone

    Poor Bambi! Erica kept her out of all party planning even though she’s very close with Emani.

  • Motherf—er Management

    Stevie tells Mimi that he’s moving to LA but first they decide to set Margeaux and Nikko right quick.

  • The Thelma & Louise of the Love & Hip Hop generation, tbh

    Our new favorite duo: Sina and Karlie meet and decide they’re going to setup Khadiyah for doing them dirty. (But what about Joc?)

  • One. Single. Tear.

    Rasheeda told Tammy about Kalenna’s money situation. Kalenna told Tammy about Rasheeda passing her album out on the tour bus. This sad moment when a 10-year friendship crumbles on reality TV.

  • Muhahah Muhahaha

    While meeting his Scrilla Guerillaz business partner, Stevie bumps into Scrappy – they talk sobriety and Stevie reveals his plan to trick Nikko’s wife into posing for his magazine. Scrappy’s tickled by this.

  • I need to do me

    Bambi tells Tammy she’s sick of the drama that comes with Scrappy from Momma Dee to Erica. Mostly, she’s unhappy because she’s not working on her music.

  • Everyone is OVA Rasheeda

    Kalenna tells Karlie and Joseline about her fight with Rasheeda. Joseline calls Rasheeda a “Country a– ho” and Karlie calls her “The Prune of Georgia.” Eek.

  • Joseline is OVA everyone in the A

    Joseline tells her girlfriends that she and Stevie are moving to Los Angeles. No more, Georgia prunes for her.

  • We love Tony & Kalenna

    Tony has a very honest conversation with his wife about her postpartum depression. It’s a very sweet moment for the couple. No snark.

  • Serve face, plz, hunty

    Margeaux is serving model at her Scrilla Guerillaz cover shoot (that she brought Nikko to) but…


    Stevie J pulls a pop-up on Margeaux and she’s none too pleased about it.

  • #BBHMM

    Margeaux demands $10K from Stevie for the cover shoot especially after he makes fun of Nikko for being gay.


    Legit, Karlie and Sina are mad gassed to embarrass KD at Karlie’s record label (yup!) event.

  • The face you make when you know you’ve been tricked

    Not one to back down, KD sticks it out and says (DRY) hellos to her nemeses.

  • The turn up is real, bb

    Things escalate, KD comes for Sina, Karlie throws a drink. Security! Security!

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