All Aboard! You Might Run Into These Musical Superstars On The Subway

Next stop, the studio.

For some odd reason, celebrities love themselves some NYC trains. Unlike New Yorkers who don’t see the big deal with the dirty, smelly subway, some celebs-recording artists in particular-can’t seem to get enough of it.

Almost every other week now, you hear of another star sighting in an NYC subway and it makes us wonder why. Maybe they get sick of their chauffeurs from time to time, or maybe they just want to be about that NYC life for a day. Either way, it’s pretty entertaining to see.

From R&B to Pop, Hip Hop and Rock & Rock artists, these stars were on their MTA flow heavy.

  • Tyrese

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    Singer/Songwriter turned actor Tyrese Gibson is the latest celebrity to be on some NYC behavior and take a train ride around the city to promote his latest album, Black Rose. It seemed to pay off, considering that the album is now #1 on the Billboard 200—a career first.

  • Brandy

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    Brandy performed a Whitney Houston cover on a train a few weeks back and everyone completely ignored her. “Oh my gosh, New Yorkers are so rude” she joked after no one applauded. Currently acting on Broadway as Roxie Hart in Chicago, she was dressed incognito. That may have had something to do with it. New Yorkers loves you, Brandy!

  • Michael Buble

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    Female subway commuters have never smiled as hard as they did when they saw Mr. Buble singing for them. Accompanied by a few backup singers, the performance resulted in swoon levels reaching an all time high in MTA history.

  • Jay Z

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    Who can forget that adorable video with Jay Z and the elderly woman he met on the train, Ellen, as he made his way from Manhattan to the Barclays Center to perform? The video went viral and Ellen even got 15 minutes of fame, later being interviewed by The Huffington Post about the experience.

  • Lana Del Rey

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    Looking laid back, Lana Del Rey was spotted swiping a metro card and entering the subway. This was just one day after she performed on Letterman. Guess she wanted to be in the New York state of mind.

  • Rod Stewart

    Unlike other celebrities of a certain age (AKA, old), Rod Stewart is a frequent subway dweller. Onlookers have even tweeted about these instances after they’ve occurred. That’s right, folks! Just wandering around in the subway, could get you a meet-and-great of a lifetime with a music legend.

  • Taylor Swift

    Swifties were in awe of their idol Taylor Swift when she shut down NYC transit to perform her song “You Belong With Me” for the 2009 VMAs. She began her epic performance on a platform and by the end of the song, she had taken the train to Radio City Music Hall, singing for her fans on top of a cab…with perfect timing and with no glitches, might we add. #BOSS

  • Jason Mraz

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    Another recording artist to venture to Gotham’s underground, Jason Mraz, went completely unnoticed as he performed his songs on a subway platform. Not even dressed in disguise, he performed a rare show where screaming women weren’t a part of the action.

  • Avril Lavigne

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    Avril Lavigne took her singing to the subway back in the early 2000s, performing both on the platform and for the sleepy-looking people on a train. Afterwards, she admitted that she made almost $16 dollars for it and gave her earnings to a homeless person. Performer and humanitarian— gotta love her!

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